Ladies Shoe Repair


  • Recovering or replacement stiletto heels
  • Replacement insox
  • Sole & heel replacement
  • Zip repairs including handbags


Colour Match Protective Sole

My first recommendation is to add a thin layer of rubber to the sole without damaging or covering the brand name/logo. adding a protective rubber sole prolongs the life of your shoes. Stylishly thin, this rubber top sole protects the outer sole from wear and tear. Water resistant and skid proof, taking this preventative step will greatly increase the life of leather soled shoes.

Heel Block Replacement

Ever snapped or scuffed the heel on your favourite pair of Choos? From Prada to Primark I probably can rescue your beloved heels. I will try and match the original heel block almost perfectly and recover them in most colours and textures including leather, suede, satin and enamel. Uniquely patterned, special fabrics and stoned or studded heels will need to be assessed before repairs are carried out.Email me a picture of your damaged heels for a quote today!

Leather Soles

Leather lovers will find my full sole service irresistible. offering a complete new finest quality sleek leather sole to your favourite shoes or boots.

Full length and Half Length Zips

There's nothing worse than a busted zip in your faithful boots. My zip replacements are carried out with painstaking detail and expert care. Whatever the length, whatever the colour I can replace zips and zip pulls in all kinds of foot ware and bags. I use only the best quality replacements and stitch them in with colour matched nylon thread using the original stitching holes to minimise damage to the bordering leather. Email me with any queries and I will be happy to help.


Don't let snapped elastic or broken buckles keep you out of your much loved Louboutins. I can replace elastic straps/ panels, lengthen or shorten straps, replace buckles or straps, Velcro, press studs and much more. Email for more information my services.